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Aysha Sinead Khan


Ms Nicole is from Germany

Ms Nicole has come Australian Dental Clinic with her friend to do Zoom II laser whiteining. The result is amazing, beyond what she is expecting.

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Gavin Ryan

Full porcelain crown treatment in Australian Dental Clinic

Mr. Tom Kelleher

Mr. Tom Kelleher with full porcelain crowns treatment is applied for front tooth at Australian Dental Clinic Hotline: + 84 906200434

Mrs. Sandra

Mrs. Sandra has fillings for front worn out teeth because she feels very sensitive whenever taking cold or hot water The fillings is done by Dr. Dung Hotline: 0906200434  

Mr Simone (Italian)

Mr Simone (Italian) has been in Hanoi for almost four years, he is our regular client because he is very happy to any our dental treatment. This time we do full porcelain crown treatment for some of his front teeth.

Ha Noi

Hanoi, the second largest city in Vietnam – and also the country’s capital – is in many ways different from its big-city cousin, Ho Chi Minh City. More clean, consistent and picturesque than the rough architectural hodge-podge that is Ho

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is an ideal gateway to discover Vietnam. Travelers will find it easy to navigate, with most attractions and things to do located in District 1. The city boasts an impressive number of hotels with great value

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We have been established for 12 years – a practice built on caring for our patients, applying the highest professional standards and using the latest dental techniques. Our patients feel confident with us because we achieve worthwhile results for them.