Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is an ideal gateway to discover Vietnam. Travelers will find it easy to navigate, with most attractions and things to do located in District 1.

The city boasts an impressive number of hotels with great value for the money. The most luxurious will generally be located near the river or next to famous sights such as the Opera House or City Hall.

Saigon is also a paradise for foodies. You will have the occasion to sample healthy and affordable street food specialties from all over Vietnam in numerous cafés and restaurants. International dishes are also readily available, particularly Japanese, Korean, American, French and Italian options.

You will find the most venues in District 1 with prices ranging from just a few dollars to $50 US and more for high-end restaurants. After dark, you will be amazed by the diversity of the nightlife, from simple beer joints to swanky rooftop bars and clubs. With hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting the city every year and an active community of expats living and working in Saigon, there are always tons of events and things to do.

As a traveler, sightseeing the city’s landmarks such as the Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral or Jade Emperor Pagoda should be at top of your list. Other popular activities include the casinos/gaming centers, museums, family strolls in a park, and of course the spas: ending your day with a relaxing massage will soon become a ritual you won’t want to miss. If Saigon is the last city you visit before flying back home, you will be poised with shopping options. Several traditional markets such as Ben Thanh or Yersin are great for finding souvenirs ideas. If you are interested to buy the best authentic products, you can also read our recommendations in the shopping section.

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  1. Brett Muir says:

    I am in New Zealand and will be in District 1 in HCMC for 5 days in mid January.
    What is the price to have some periodontal and hygienist work done to my teeth while I am in Vietnam? I have receding gums and it is a year since I last had periodontal work done, so possibly two hours of work on all of my teeth.

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