Our Practice

We have been established for 12 years – a practice built on caring for our patients, applying the highest professional standards and using the latest dental techniques. Our patients feel confident with us because we achieve worthwhile results for them.

Our aim here at Australian Dental Clinic, is to provide you with the highest quality care, and to help you plan for your dental health needs in the future. We have a team of professionals, skilled in a range of dental treatments, of which are constantly updating their knowledge and skills for the benefit of our patients. Our practice is fitted with excellent standard equipment to assist us with diagnosing and meeting your dental needs, from initial examination to complex treatments. For example, Implants, Root Canal Therapy, Crown and Bridges and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Our practice has 8 dentists who can assist you with all your needs.

To ensure the highest standards of infection control, this practice also has a dedicated sterilisation nurse, trained in the latest techniques and with the finest equipment and procedures.

The best result from your visit is receiving effective treatment and advice in the knowledge you are caring for your teeth now and into the future, and minimizing the risks of future problems. This is particularly important for children and teenagers.

We consider it essential to help our patients plan for their dental health needs, by developing treatment plans. Prevention has always been and will always be important.

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