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Ha Noi

Hanoi, the second largest city in Vietnam – and also the country’s capital – is in many ways different from its big-city cousin, Ho Chi Minh City. More clean, consistent and picturesque than the rough architectural hodge-podge that is Ho

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is an ideal gateway to discover Vietnam. Travelers will find it easy to navigate, with most attractions and things to do located in District 1. The city boasts an impressive number of hotels with great value

Hoi An

Historically, Hoi An has been one of Southeast Asia’s chief trading ports, a place where people and culture converge. As such, it is not surprising that this quaint town has remained a paradise for buyers and sellers. Hoi An is

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Halong Bay Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam, or Descending Dragon Bay, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular travel destination along the coast 170km east of Hanoi. The Bay features thousands of limestone karsts and isles dotted with caves and grottoes. Halong

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Da Nang

With a developing population, Danang Vietnam is fast becoming a modern world-class city, but it has managed to retain its cultural charm. Highrise buildings stand adjacent to local markets and cyclos are still present in traffic despite the growing emergence of


Hue on the Central Coast of Vietnam is a city with an astonishing history. From its early days during the Nguyen Dynasty right through to today, it has lived in interesting times. Originally called Phu Xuan it was named as

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Working in Vietnam

Do you consider taking advantage of Indochina’s developing job market and start working in Vietnam? Vietnam’s business world has some confusing odds and ends, which our Vietnam Guide will help you figure out. Read on for information on the economy,

Living in Vietnam

Are you interested in life in Vietnam? Vietnam’s society is comprised of various minorities and cultural influences. With our guide on living in Vietnam, its population, housing, healthcare, and education, you will quickly find your way around the easternmost country

Moving to Vietnam

Your move to Vietnam will take you to an elongated country in Southeast Asia, sharing borders with Laos, China, and Cambodia. Vietnam not only attracts visitors, tourists, and travelers. It has also become an attractive destination for expats. The Vietnamese

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