Dental preparation before Wedding

Ms Fionnuala and her partner from Sydney Australia will get married in December, they are traveling some Asia countries and choose our dental to get some advice about whitening before wedding.
Dr Cong advices: Just like having the perfect dress, your smile is one thing that people will always remember on their Big Day. And it can certainly be the most important accessory. The color of your teeth, in my opinion, is the most important thing that one can concentrate on, and I think it’s extremely important to prepare in advance.
The number one thing you should do is get a professional dental cleaning, which can really clean the teeth. You can also do whitening at home either with strips — something you can do in your spare time — or you can do something a little more professional grade at the dentist’s office, either a laser or Zoom II USA bleaching, etc
They follow Dr Cong’s consultation to do deep clean and whitening at our dental clinic

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